While the Montreal Canadiens would surely like to get rid of Daniel Briere, believing the New Jersey Devils would be willing trade partners is overly optimistic at this point.

By now, most Habs fans have read or heard of NJ.com writer Randy Miller’s “3 reasons why Canadiens’ Daniel Briere could be traded to Devils” piece. Posted last Tuesday, the day of Montreal’s latest game against Jersey—another disappointing defeat in a season marred by them—the piece outlines why a Briere-for-Anton Volchenkov deal would make sense.

The three reasons are that Briere is currently unhappy in Montreal, he would be a good fit in New Jersey and he has three sons who still live in Haddonfield, just 90 minutes south of Newark. To be clear, Miller is quite open in regard to how there is no factual basis for this hypothetical transaction, instead opting for a clear, concise and logical argument as to why this deal should be made.

However, in a world where a team in an English-speaking league continually insists on making signing Francophone free agents a priority and still staying competitive, is there really room for thing like logic? Logic was thrown out the Bell Centre window a long time ago…to be fair, way before Marc Bergevin ever became general manager.

Still his Briere signing—because he has to take ownership of this quagmire, nevertheless—has been so awful, the deal so ridiculous, that it’s inherently unmovable due to the no-trade clause Bergevin ill advisedly gave him.

Apparently, $8 million over two years wasn’t enough of an incentive to get a 36-year-old with a history of concussions to come to a city for which he supposedly really wanted to play—that is, if you believe all Briere had been saying immediately after the signing. Who knew?

Admittedly, the no-trade clause becomes irrelevant if Briere wants to get traded, and that appears to be the case, according to Luc Chenier at 104.7 FM. But all that becomes irrelevant in turn when one considers Briere’s 13 points in 35 games. Who would want him?

While the Devils can certainly use help on offense, having scored just 113 goals in 49 games, it’s not as if the Habs are lighting the lamp excessively, with just 123 goals in one less contest. Briere just hasn’t helped an offense that averaged over three goals per game last year (149 in the same amount of games). He’s arguably become a detriment to it.

Furthermore, who would want a player so out of sync with reality that he’s incapable of understanding his limitations or why he's consequently getting less ice time and, on top of that, allegedly asks for a trade? Yeah, general managers all across the league, especially experienced ones like Lou Lamoriello, are already lining up around the block.

Really, all due respect to Miller, the only one of his three reasons that makes sense is that Briere's sons still live in Jersey, meaning he would welcome a trade to the Devils to be closer to his kids. However, that is only a reason why Briere would want to go to Jersey—and after he played just 10:48 against the Ottawa Senators, he probably would be willing to go anywhere. That isn’t a reason why the Devils would want him, and there’s just no evidence to suggest they should.