Owner: Ralph Wilson 54th year
General Manager: Doug Whaley 1st year
Head Coach: Doug Marrone 1st year
Other front-office notables: Russ Brandon President/CEO; Jim Monos Director of Player Personnel; Kelvin Fisher Director of College Scouting.

Who's really in charge? The Bills have undergone a shift this offseason with Russ Brandon assuming day-to-day control of the team while 94-year-old Ralph Wilson takes a step back. And Brandon has a new crew with him. In May the Bills carried out the succession plan that had been in place since Buddy Nix was hired as GM in 2010 with Doug Whaley the long-respected Pittsburgh Steelers personnel man who arrived in Buffalo three years ago ascending to the big chair. Four months before Whaley was promoted the Bills landed head coach Doug Marrone -- who had also been on the radar of the Cleveland Browns and Philadelphia Eagles -- from Syracuse.

In the new setup Whaley has final say over all personnel matters and the final 53-man roster and Marrone reports to him. While in the past Nix had reported to Wilson now Whaley reports to Brandon. In the big picture it's not unlike the way the Packers are lined up.

Whaley also imported Jim Monos from New Orleans and Kelvin Fisher from Pittsburgh to lead his scouting staff so this truly now is his show. As for Marrone he oversees everything related to the on-field process and his coaching staff.

An outside perspective from an NFC executive: "I think it's probably different than it has been. My belief is the organization has more faith in Doug than they did in Buddy. They've been excited to groom Doug for this role; he was designated for this role years ago. And when they made the change at head coach it was designed to pair him with Doug not Buddy. That's clearly true whether they say it or not. It really is a chance for a fresh start there. It's the first injection of creativity into their head coaching and front office in a very long time. You have to give Russ a lot of credit; he has the pulse of where the league is heading. Marrone was a really good choice; he comes from the Sean Payton tree and has head-coaching experience and because he was in Western New York he resonates with fans there. And Doug has earned his stripes. They have a chance."

Owner: Stephen Ross 5th year
General Manager: Jeff Ireland 6th year
Head Coach: Joe Philbin 2nd year
Other front-office notables: Brian Gaine Assistant General Manager; Dawn Aponte Executive Vice President of Football Administration; Chris Grier Director of College Scouting.