Yesterday's round of cuts at Nationals camp brought the roster of players still in the big-league clubhouse down to a mere 33 with two weeks to go until Opening Day.

Davey Johnson said he plans to start using all his regulars now that they've hit the home stretch of spring training, and he wasn't kidding. With so few reserves around anymore, he has no choice but to play the starters.

We've outlined throughout camp how the Opening Day roster really has been set all along, with injuries or a true surprise the only developments capable of throwing a wrench into those plans. But there is still some mystery what will happen to the eight players who are still in big-league camp but are all but certain not to head north with the club next week.

So with the Nationals getting their third and final day off of the spring, let's take this opportunity to refresh everyone's memory. Here are the 33 players still in big-league camp, with some speculation about what might happen to the eight unfortunate souls who won't still be standing come Opening Day...