One day after the trade of starting nose tackle Isaac Sopoaga, Eagles coach Chip Kelly mentioned Bennie Logan, Clifton Geathers, and Damion Square as players who will fill the void.

Although Sopoaga started in the base defense, he played only 39 percent of the snaps.

Logan, a third-round pick, has taken 28 percent of the defensive snaps this season. Geathers has taken 19 percent and Square 4 percent.

"We felt like we had a couple younger guys that we really need to continue to get in there, and when they've played, they continue to really produce," Kelly said Wednesday. "I think Square, Logan, and Geathers need more reps."

"I can play all positions," Geathers said. "Been doing this all summer. Played it in Indianapolis. Played some in Dallas. This ain't nothing new to me."

It's likely that Logan would become the starter in the base defense. The team is also encouraged by the recent play of Geathers.

"It's my time to step up," Logan said. "My time, Clif's time, whoever the coach calls, it's our time to step up without Isaac here."

The Eagles also can use Cedric Thornton at nose tackle. Thornton and Fletcher Cox are the starting defensive ends.