LeSean McCoy is in the best position to succeed

Tim Heaney, senior fantasy writer: Why blindly pick last year’s top running back at No. 1? Jamaal Charles is a first-rounder, but 12 rushing scores and 70 receptions are hard to repeat, even with Andy Reid running things.

After his monumental 2012, Adrian Peterson dipped from 6.0 yards per carry to 4.5. Can the 29-year-old continue overcoming poor quarterback play?

LeSean McCoy enjoys the blazing offense of Chip Kelly and Nick Foles, churning behind an elite offensive line. Darren Sproles and Chris Polk are complements, not threats.

Of the trio, McCoy is the youngest, resides in the best offense, and even boasts upside with a first-round foundation.

McCoy is also a PPR beast

Cory Bonini, senior fantasy editor: I have to agree with Heaney on this one.

In a PPR league, McCoy all the way. While I believe Peterson still has one big year left in him, it isn’t a risk I am willing to take at No. 1 overall.

Charles scares me. He won’t score seven receiving touchdowns again, and I’m not sure he will even manage double-digit scores on the ground. The bright side: He IS their offense.

It is not outlandish to make a case for Green Bay Packers running back Eddie Lacy in standard scoring. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers will force defenses to play off the line. Lacy is a gamer, but will he touch the ball enough to unseat the more sensible No. 1 favorites?