Erik Spoelstra knows exactly what he's doing. I'm not just referring to his decision that is expected to be announced shortly, but also the inevitable suspense that is building with each passing day.

"Wouldn't it be so much more fun with some suspense?" - Spoelstra said

He's milking it for what it's worth and I don't blame him. But should he start Bosh? Here's some "obvious" bullet points that break down different reasoning for Spoelstra's decision.

Out of Loyalty = Bosh
Statistically = Irving
To make history = Bosh
Fan entertainment = Irving
Position (PG/guard) = Irving
"Positionless" = Bosh

In my opinion, if a forward got injured, say Kevin Garnett or Carmelo Anthony, I'd say no questions, no brainer, case closed, nothing to talk about, forget about it (Italian voice), Spoelstra should start Chris Bosh. BUT. The fact that Rajon Rondo is a guard, it just touches my nerve that Spoelstra would seemingly manipulate the position ambiguity of the All Star game and start four front court players.