When people assess this year's high school class, some gurus like to claim the class is weak, which it may well be. The problem I have with the assessment is they like to use Albert Almora as an example, which I believe is rather foolish. Almora was heavily scouted, though not as much as Austin Meadows and Clint Frazier will be this season. Frazier seems far ahead of the rest of the class, with Meadows having a four-length lead approaching the club turn (yay, horse-racing humor).

The problem with comparing Almora to either of those two, or anyone else, is that Almora was very late to the top 10. I was obsessing over the topic (imagine that!), and it was mid-to-late May before Almora became a Top-10 likelihood. It took an injury to Lucas Giolito and a few other injuries to get Almora there. Now, everyone pretends that they knew he would homer in his first game at two different minor-league levels. I'll say this, I'm glad we will have a shot at (at least) one of the top two preferences from the front-office this year.