Now that's more like it.

While I can't really tell you whether the past seven days was an indication of better things to come for the White Sox or just a lone, anomalous week in a 26-week campaign, what I do know is that this is closer to the kind of baseball we've been looking for.

Granted, it has been a week-and-a-half since the Sox have played a team other than the Angels or Twins (two clubs that haven't been much of a threat this season) and they haven't faced a winning team since May 6 when they visited Kansas City.

But so what?

The idea is to beat those that aren't as good, and be respectable against the teams that are. In the last eight games, the Sox have won five.

Regardless of what happened Sunday, this has been, overall, a better week for a team that had, for most of the year, been prone to bad defense and a bland offense.

The revival of Adam Dunn, continued production from Alex Rios and immediate contribution from Dayan Viciedo just off the disabled list have helped give the Sox recently, well, a real offense.

Which leads me to …

Paul Konerko. The White Sox need him.

For better than a decade, Konerko has been the constant in the heart of the Sox order.

Through that period, there hasn't been anyone more dependably important to their run-producing effort with the exception of Frank Thomas. but Frank hasn't been around since 2005.

Unfortunately, that Konerko influence has been mostly absent this season.

It's startling to note that he hasn't homered yet this month (his last coming April 28 against the Rays), and his last extra-base hit coming on May 4.

It's true that a good offensive team can always tread water while a particular middle-of-the-order hitter temporarily scuffles. In fact, most teams have at least one of those guys at any given time.