You can't hear or read anything about the 2013 White Sox without wondering if Chris Sale will live to see Oct. 1.

Really. His condition is that serious.

Sale has to worry about his elbow, shoulder and — probably — left pinkie finger.

He's too tall, skinny and weak. He doesn't eat enough, lift enough or weigh enough. Honestly, he ought to throw less and spend his days at an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Sale's very survival may be at stake.

Or, not.

"If weight had anything to do with velocity," said White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper, "I'd have a good fastball right now."

Speaking from Sox camp Tuesday, Cooper made it clear that the club isn't concerned about projections for Sale, or predictions about his future.

"Usually the people talking about it, they're not in the business, not in the industry," Cooper said. "Too skinny? He can't pitch because he's too skinny? He's got a great delivery.

"That's what matters. They don't know what the (heck) they're talking about."

There have been numerous studies done and stories written about the effect of a jump in innings like Sale had last year, going from 71 to 192, and how some pitchers have suffered in the year or two after such an increase.

On top of that, Sale did leave the rotation briefly last May with a sore elbow. But he returned quickly to starting and went on a three-month tear with a 12-2 record and 2.50 ERA in 16 starts with 117 strikeouts against 25 walks in 115 innings, and a WHIP of exactly 1.00.

"Health is a going question for everyone," Cooper said. "Will our guys stay healthy? It's about delivery. Get the delivery right and you'll stay healthy.