The clock is ticking on D.J. White and Shavlik Randolph, and both players fully understand the unfriendly, business side of the NBA.

White and Randolph recently signed second 10-day contracts with the Celtics, but there’s no chance to get a third, small sense of job security from this team. The Celtics will have to make a decision soon if Randolph and White will be a part of the roster for the remainder of the season.

Both players have received sparse playing time, so the only way to show the coaching staff they can be a contributing members of the team will be in meetings, walkthroughs and pregame warmups. Those aren’t ideal conditions for two players fighting to stay on an NBA roster, but they both need to come to grips with their predicament.

“I look at every situation that we have, whether it be a shootaround or a meeting or a practice, as a chance to learn more,” Randolph said last night before the Celtics’ 112-88 win over the Raptors at the Garden. “Obviously, since I got here, it’s been going 100 mph. You try to pick up stuff on the fly.”