There have been all kinds of predictions going around about where teams will finish in their respective conferences. Many of those predictions do not seem to view the Tampa Bay Lightning favorably, however. A lot of them seem to have the Lightning finishing near or at the bottom of the Southeast Division.

But this season isn't like any other but one, and that's the shortened 1995 season. No one's predictions came true that year, and the New Jersey Devils seemingly came out of nowhere to win the Stanley Cup for the first time. So, in reality, the race is wide open and anyone's got a chance.

Injuries are already becoming an issue for some NHL teams. And it's no wonder when at least half of the players in the league haven't played a game since April or May 2012. Those that are in mid-season - AHL players and those who played in other leagues during the lockout - form are going to really push at the players who are starting their seasons, and that will cause strains, sprains, and injuries due to physical exhaustion.