As of today, the Mets are still interested in signing free-agent OF Michael Bourn. Still, my sense from talking to people is that Sandy Alderson and Boras already have a rough idea for what could get a deal done, which includes opt-outs, options, etc. However, Boras is almost certainly working to reel in another team, most likely the Mariners, maybe the Yankees, maybe the Rangers.

In either case, Alderson refuses to sign Bourn if he's required to give up a first-round draft pick as compensation, which is how the rule currently stands. The way I understand it, the Mets think MLB will wave that rule, and instead force them to give up a second-round pick, if Alderson ever makes a formal request. However, MLB will not make an official ruling until Bourn, Boras and Alderson have an actual deal agreed to in principal. This makes sense, because I'm sure MLB and the MLBPA do not want to weigh in on the situation (and set a precedent) if Bourn is going to sign some place else.