I suppose the writing on the wall for a Williams departure has been there for a while. A littany of offseason mistakes to go along with large suspensions and the emergence of some young faces in the Broncos LB corps puts DJ in the tenuous position of being too expensive and expendable. There are some out there that want nothing to do with him, while others view him as an important part to a young and inexperienced linebacking corps. I suppose at this point it would be best to outline the positives and negatives when it comes to evaluating his value to the Broncos and other teams.

+ Athletic player who is system indifferent. Has played many positions in both a 4-3 and 3-4 front.

+ Player that can provide the flexibility to play three downs as he is pretty good in coverage

Overall the best qualities about DJ are his athleticism and ability to play many different LB positions in multiple fronts. On the surface it may seem like a slam dunk for the Broncos to keep him going forward, but here are some of the negatives he brings:

- Questionable character evidenced in many stupid offseason mistakes

- Possible PED use

- Long stretches of suspension that cost him a total of 10 games this past year

- A sizeable contract for a player that was only used situationally

- One mistake away from being suspended for an entire season

While some in Broncos Country will laud his production and note his skillset and versatility, it is a moot point. The Broncos will be cutting ties with him. What we have to decide is if a team would be willing to ship a draft pick off to the Broncos or if the Broncos will cut him without receiving anything in return (besides some more cap room).