Winning the 2010 NBA lottery was dramatically changed the Washington Wizards. The pick guaranteed the franchise John Wall, a can't-miss prospect from the University of Kentucky with off-the-charts athleticism, elite court vision and excellent intangibles. The only knock on him was his poor outside shot, but scouts generally believed that it would either work itself out or Wall would be so good that it wouldn't matter that he can't score from outside the paint.

Two years later, Wall is still viewed as Washington's franchise player, but the honeymoon is either over or ending soon. While Wall has made decent progress as a floor general and defender, his jump shot is, if anything, worse than it had been when scouts were anointing him the league's next great point guard. Meanwhile, recent top picks Kyrie Irving and Blake Griffin have had an enormous amount of individual success, with Irving's Cavaliers looking like a playoff team and Griffin's Clippers hoping to contend for a title.