This past season one of the most glaring problems the Titans had was with the offensive line. Their lack of durability and lack of talent really shined against the much better competition this past season. By the end of the year they were just counting the warm bodies that were left.

First things first, and I wrote it up in one of my earlier articles, and that is the importance of resigning G/C Fernando Velasco. He was the only player to play all 16 games without injury and did quite well against some decent competition. He is also versatile which is key now-a-days with any offensive line.

Second thing, cut the dead weight. Look it may be harsh to say but there is some players on the O-line who make it worse. LeRoy Harris is one of them. Yeah he had a pretty good outing as the teams center and for some reason the Titans moved him to guard and Eugene Amano to C. Since then that move he's been less than spectacular. The Steve Hutchinson experiment seemed to be a disaster also. I know the Titans were trying to catch that Kevin Mawae magic, and sign a veteran OL who still had some talent left, but his durability is now questioned and he was less than impressive when he played. The biggest dead weight could be Eugene Amano. Before his injury a lot of people were already calling for his head. Now coming off a season-ending injured season, he could turn into a liability if he can't make holes for CJ, or protect Locker. He's a decent sized cap number this coming year and could free up some cap space if the Titans would cut ties (but as this off-season has looked so far, don't except any surprises).

So what are we left with? We need a guard of some sort, so lets start with Free Agency first and see what is available.

OG Brandon Moore from the Jets has shown that he can protect a mediocre QB in Mark Sanchez as he started and played every game this past season injury free. He also has played the likes of Vince Wilfork, Marcell Dareus, and Randy Starks. He was able to make holes for a mediocre at best Shonn Greene. So he would be a great addition to the much maligned Titans.