Tom Coughlin has to bear his share of the blame for 0-3 just as Mike Tomlin does in Pittsburgh as Mike Shanahan does in RG3ville. All of them are elite head coaches all of them have won Super Bowls and none of them belong on any hot seat.

The Giants and Steelers have been models of continuity and stability at the top and sometimes the best firings are the ones you don’t make (Coughlin following the 2006 season). So by no means is this the start of any “Tom must go” movement. Been there done that.

But there isn’t an NFL team that doesn’t prepare a contingency plan for the future and the Giants have a short list of head coaching candidates just as the 31 other franchises do. Coughlin deserves to go out on his own terms has shown no inclination to leave the sidelines any time soon and still seems to be an ideal candidate for the next five-hour energy commercial.

His circumstances are unique in that there exists an age-old concern that he is three years from 70. He has also been the head coach here since 2004 which means a 0-3 start inevitably will lead the knee-jerk crowd to wonder whether his voice and message still are being heard. It is not unfair however to note Coughlin has lost eight of his past 11 games and faces a crisis test of his leadership.

It will be as difficult to replace Coughlin as it was Bill Parcells and John Mara for one surely dreads the day. The organization’s nightmare scenario would be a nuclear winter — a fourth time out of the playoffs in five years and Coughlin entering the 2014 season as a lame duck in the absence of a contract extension at which time general manager Jerry Reese’s “everybody is on notice” proclamation would apply to him as well.