I'd like to say that Sunday Night's game was fun to watch. The Thunder made an 11 point comeback in the last 3 minutes, the game went to overtime, and the result wasn't sealed until the final buzzer. On paper, it has all of the ingredients for a great regular season game. But what I saw just didn't feel right. The amount of illegal screens that were called during overtime was absurd, and really disrupted the flow of the game.

So, the question is: Did the refs make the right call? Or, more appropriately, "Did the Thunder really set those illegal screens, or were the refs being a bit too overzealous?" It's clear that this is becoming an issue. An illegal screen called against Kendrick Perkins is what angered Kevin Durant into his first ejection against the Nets on January 2nd.

But before we get into the practical, we must get into the theoretical. Straight from the NBA's rulebook, here's the section dealing with illegal screens.