On this lightning round Tuesday, the question is simple: What is it that you don’t like about the Astros’ move to the American League?

Just for today, get past the s0-called Drayton McLane-Bud Selig-Jim Crane conspiracy to sell Houston down the river. At least for this discussion, set aside the backroom, smoke-filled discussions that traded 50 years of National League history for year-round interleague play.

Is it the designated hitter? A handful more late games on the west coast? The style of the game? The many smaller markets, smaller crowds?

Maybe it’s as simple as being forced to start over building new tradition with teams like Minnesota, Oakland, Seattle, the White Sox or Kansas City? Or maybe you don’t like it that the move will push back the rebuilding program since the style of player will change.

What is it? Really, what’s your beef with the Astros moving to the American League? Is there anything you like about the American League?