The Grizzlies have scored 73 and 72 in their last two games, looking absolutely awful. Everything they try has been shut down, and they'll have to turn it around with the regular season looming.

Whatever they've been trying to do, it clearly hasn't been working. In their past two games against the Houston Rockets and the Toronto Raptors, the Memphis Grizzlies have scored 73 and 72 points respectively on a combined 33.8% field goal percentage. They lost to the Rockets by 19 and to the Raptors by 36. It's been bad.

Two awful showings in the preseason isn't exactly something to get up in arms over when other teams go through similar struggles in the regular season and bounce back fine. It's pretty standard to go through a few rough games here and there, with shots not falling or other things not going the Grizzlies' way.

It'd be remiss to skip over the issues entirely, though. Time will likely straighten out a Grizzlies offense that isn't normally this bad (Could you imagine if any team played like this consistently? By the way, the Grizzlies don't play the Sixers until March 15th), but legitimate issues have cropped up. These are things that could come back and haunt the Grizzlies at times in the regular season as well. And let's not forget last season's Lakers, who went 0-8 in the preseason and proceeded to fall short of all expectations set for them in the regular season and playoffs. We don't want that to be us.