The Super Bowl has become the standard for defining quarterback play for many in the realm of sports commentary. To those analysts, the play of a QB is not defined by how many yards he produces or how many points he piles up, it is defined by how many championships he has won. Somehow the quarterback, above all, is supposed to be able to will his team to victories. To make his defense play better, to make his running backs get extra yards, and prevent his receivers from dropping passes. To them, its as if the quarterback has control of everything that is happening on the field.

Joe Flacco is now on the cusp of grabbing a Super Bowl victory. Something that great quarterbacks such as Dan Marino or Jim Kelly could never achieve. Something that John Elway couldn't grab until the twilight of his career. Flacco sits at the age of 28 with an opportunity to impress those who would otherwise point to his lack of championships as a failure overall.

Of course, Ravens fans know as well as anybody that even a mediocre quarterback can win a Super Bowl with the right people around him, as Trent Dilfer was at the helm in 2000.