Brennan Boesch was one of the worst players in the American League during the 2012 season. At the plate, he posted a WAR of negative 1.4. Only the Rangers’ Michael Young was worse. His wOBA was a paltry .288, which was seventh worst in the league among qualified hitters. In the field, his negative 18.2 UZR/ 150 was worst in the entire league. His negative 8 DRS, if you prefer the Bill James fielding metric, was among the bottom ten.

Despite Boesch’s horrible season, the Tigers allowed him to log enough plate appearances to qualify for the batting title. While Boesch had some competition for the title of "worst player" from team mate Ryan Raburn, the club at least had the good sense to release Raburn after the season. But not Boesch.

The Tigers not only tendered Boesch a contract prior to the winter deadline, but they settled with him on a one year contract to avoid arbitration worth $ 2.3 million. Boesch was bound to get paid once the club decided to take him to the dance. As we indicated in this previous article, the floor for a full time outfielder in his first season of arbitration eligibility is around $ 2 million. But, in typical generous fashion, Boesch got an even better deal from the Tigers.