All in all, it was a pretty uneventful offseason for the Orioles. There were dozens of free agents linked with the Orioles. None of them were signed. Just as many players were part of trade talks. None happened.

With just four days until pitchers and catchers report, let’s look back on the most significant stories of the four-month hiatus.

1) The contract extensions for Buck Showalter and Dan Duquette

Both Showalter and Duquette’s contracts were extended through 2018, Showalter’s for five years and Duquette’s for four. Showalter’s extension was expected, though its length was longer than predicted.

Duquette had a fabulous year in his first as the team’s Executive Vice President of Baseball Operations. With two years remaining on his contract, there wasn’t much talk of an extension though team owner Peter Angelos praised both when asked about a Showalter extension last October.

With the long-term marriage here, the Orioles can confidently make deals without the pressure of feeling the need for instant gratification. That’s Duquette’s style, anyway.

Showalter, the most popular manager in years, is at home in Baltimore, and his style resonates with the fan base.

2) Letting Mark Reynolds go

Even though Mark Reynolds’ pricey option for 2013 was declined, it was a surprise when the Orioles made no effort to keep him.

Reynolds made $7.5 million last year and would have made $11 million had his option been picked up. That wasn’t going to happen.