OK, Kobe. So, here's the plan ...

Now that another Pau Gasol has finished another punchless postseason and eroded his trade value even further, you are left only one recourse to rebuild the Lakers.

When you go with Team USA for that July 24 exhibition in Barcelona against the Spanish national team, you let Pau block every one of your shots. You go after the knees of Chris Bosh, Blake Griffin, Tyson Chandler or whichever American tries to stop Pau from dominating. You even tell reporters in English and Spanish that you think Pau's hair is prettier than your daughters'.

And if you really want to win that sixth NBA championship – and you say you do, right? – then you must betray your country and tank the Olympic gold medal game on Aug. 12. Let Pau rule the basketball world, grab the gold ... and then maybe he can get the Lakers something good via offseason trade.

Bryant didn't have any better plan when asked after the Lakers' elimination in Oklahoma City, even though he had some bold words.

"Come hell or high water, we're going to be there again," Bryant said. "It's just something about the Lakers' organization."

Sunny campaign promises of a hopeful politician aren't going to change the Lakers' world, though.