Tim Duncan is listed as day-to-day with ankle and knee sprains after a nasty collision with Martell Webster. While his MRI didn't show structural damage, it's very likely that the usually cautious Spurs shut him down for a good while. Manu Ginobili will likely be out as well but we've, unfortunately, discussed Life Without Manu several times before. So how about Life Without Timmy?

With Duncan on the court, the other team took less shot attempts at the rim and converted on only 53% of those. With Duncan off the court they converted at a 59.7% rate. That's a huge jump in efficiency and coupled with the increase in free throw attempts (from 17.5 to 22.4 per 48 minutes) the team concedes when Duncan sits, it makes me question how well the defense will hold with Big Fun out. No other Spurs player has that effect on the team's interior defense because no one can block and deter shots like Duncan. So the answers will have to come from a team effort.

Fortunately, the Spurs have had great success with Boris Diaw in Duncan's place in the starting lineup. The sample size is not huge but in 74 minutes, the fourth most used lineup of Parker-Green-Leonard-Diaw-Splitter has a fantastic net rating of 19.6, rebounds on defense at a very good rate and boasts a fantastic assist to turnover ratio. They hold their opponents to fewer points in the paint than the team average while scoring more than the average themselves. If Pop starts Diaw, the starters should still be a good defensive unit and rebound at an above average rate. The question is, can they keep it up for longer stretches? Because they'll likely have to.