After discussing the back up point guard situation, it became clear that not a lot of people agreed with the vision of Gregg Popovich of Neal as the answer. We all know Pop knows best and that he won't follow any advice we give him, but it's nevertheless interesting to see where everyone's thoughts are on rotation issues. The time, we'll focus on the big men.

With Tiago Splitter joining the starting lineup and DeJuan Blair seemingly out of the rotation, the likely possibilities as back up bigs seem to be Matt Bonner and Boris Diaw. It's virtually impossible to see Pop altering the starting lineup now--not when it's one of the best five man units in the league. Diaw seems to have the third big role locked up so all that is missing is a fourth big. But we'll get back to that. First let's look at the individual performances of all the Spurs F/Cs, starting with the least used.