You've heard the argument before. "Man, Oklahoma City is really becoming a lot like Miami. OKC's got Durant and Westbrook, Miami has James and Wade. OKC's got Ibaka, Miami's got Bosh. OKC's got Martin, Miami's got Allen."

Of course, if you've followed the Thunder or the Heat for any period of time, you'd know that argument is wrong. Dead wrong. If you look at how the rest of the teams are structured, the matchup is almost one of dichotomy. Even when you consider the big four pieces of both teams, it's apparent that they all have very different skillsets. It might be true that they all fill the same roles, but the way they go about filling those roles is entirely different.

So if your friend or some silly national analyst comes up to you with a bunch of horseradish, refer them to this article. Because these 2000+ words are dedicated to emphasizing the true differences between these two teams. Buckle up, homestuck.