Q: I'm curious about the market for Mario Chalmers. Will he be offered more from other teams and will the Heat fight to keep him? I would like to see him return only as a backup. He may have played big minutes in the Finals, but in my opinion he's not the answer as the Heat's starting point guard. -- Chet.

A: Someone could offer $3 million, considering the dearth of point guards on the free-agent market, which would price him out of the Heat's range. But I'm just not sure there are any better starting options out there, unless you want to go with Bibby again (or Baron Davis shakes free in amnesty). Norris Cole certainly won't ready without a full training camp. I wouldn't be surprised if Mario simply takes the Heat's qualifying offer and then becomes an unrestricted free agent next summer, when there will be a better feel for the landscape and less of a rush to sign.