The Evil Empire has been decidedly lacking in evil lately. They have not taken on a contract in a trade. They have not made the highest bid on any free agents of note. They talk of budgets and luxury taxes and underdogs. Only Yankees fans and Scott Boras think that behavior to be weird. The Yankee reputation was built another way. For the Yankees to get that Evil Empire reputation back a different approach is required. They had a chance this past offseason to go all Steinbrennery and fire every single player. Every single one.

If the Yankees had gone all out, it would have been difficult and pretty embarrassing. CC Sabathia would get traded, but not for a great return considering the money owed to him. Cano would fetch some solid prospects. Derek Jeter would be unceremoniously let go to whatever team claimed him on waivers. Mark Teixeira has an almost untradeable contract. He would have to be packaged with Phil Hughes and Curtis Granderson to a contender (Rangers? Brewers?) willing to take on the remainder of the contract for a chance to win this year.