The thing about last night's Wojo article that gave me the most pause was the report that Danny Ainge is "eager" to get the deal with the Clippers done. If he's that eager to move KG, then he's probably doing everything he can to move Paul Pierce as well. He hasn't always been successful in the past (see last year's deadline and every Rajon Rondo rumor under the sun) but you have to give it good odds of happening if he's pushing that hard.

I almost can't fathom the emotional side of that right now, so I'm going to table that for a moment and take a look at how we might look after these supposed trades go down.

First, it seems pretty straightforward that the deal between the Clippers and Celtics will involve Kevin Garnett waiving his no-trade clause and being exchanged for Eric Bledsoe and DeAndre Jordan. There may be spare parts or picks involved but that's the principle deal.