We have spent, and will continue to spend plenty of time talking about Alex Smith and what he may or may not net in a trade. I suppose he could end up sticking around for another year, but odds seem pretty high that he will be in another uniform in 2013.

For the moment, I'd like to move past the will/he won't side of this discussion, and look a little further into what this would in turn mean for the 49ers quarterback position. Colin Kaepernick is the quarterback of the present and the future, but generally speaking, it's nice to have a decent backup. The Colts did fine with just Peyton Manning for over a decade, but plenty of other teams have needed a solid backup in place when injury strikes.

If Alex Smith gets dealt or released, the 49ers will be down to Scott Tolzien as their backup quarterback. It is entirely possible the 49ers are plenty of comfortable with Tolzien as their backup. His preseason and practice work might very well have sold the 49ers on him as their backup.