In a wonderful twist after last season, Kemba Walker has proven to perhaps be the most consistently productive player on the Bobcats.

He has scored in double digits in every game but one: the abomination of an outlier that was the Oklahoma City game. In 23 games this season, Walker has shot below 40 percent in just seven. It's been a stunning turnaround from the previous year, when Walker could show up with an impressive scoring night or an underwhelming night when next to nothing fell through the hoop.

With this welcome change, there has also been a consistent pattern of his scoring. Progressively, quarter-by-quarter, Kemba Walker shoots worse each period. Respectively, these are his FG percentages by the quarter: 55.1, 43.0, 38.9, 37.0 (per

Like any statistical analysis, a straightforward conclusion cannot be made. Statistics may indicate many advantages or disadvantages, problems or solutions but these are complex results of on court play. Bearing this in mind, Kemba Walker's shooting decrease is an enigma of many conflicting issues.