Now that the Super Bowl is over, it is time to wait. Free Agency is right around the corner, then quickly after comes the draft. We all know that the Dolphins have some big needs this off season, but how will Miami look to become a playoff team?
I’ve said this before i’ll say it again. The Dolphins NEED a leader on Defense. Karlos Dansby should be the leader and is payed to be a leader, but he is not. Safety is the position I look at this off season where Miami can pick one up. The Dolphins need someone who can settle the defense down and make a big play when it is needed. What a better spot then at Safety? There are a few strong safety options that hopefully the Fins will look at.
Wide Receiver is a BIG need for the Dolphins. But every quarterback has their safety blanket. Brady has Welker, Flacco had Pitta, the list goes on and on. Tannehill didn’t have a safety blanket last year, or did he? Even though Brian Hartline was the #1 receiver for the Phins he was also a very good player for Tannehill to fall back on many times throughout the season. It happened at least once a game where Hartline would see Tannehill was in trouble and come back, get open and use his great hands to get something out of nothing. If they do not resign Hartline they need to find someone else who can fill that void, not just with a number one receiver.