The Miami Marlins spoke out with the media at length yesterday, as owner Jeffrey Loria and team president David Samson revealed information regarding the 2012 season and the decisions that were made that eventually led to the fire sale trade with the Toronto Blue Jays. There was a lot of material that was merely rehashed as reasoning behind the whole ordeal, but sprinkled within the interview were little important nuggets that will definitely have an effect on the future of the Marlins franchise in the years to come. Here is some of the information I found most interesting.

Payroll Will Never Be $100 million Again

Jeffrey Loria distinctly ruled out the possibility of a $100 million payroll ever again in his comments. This comes as no surprise, as many fans felt the team would discontinue its spending ways after last season. Nevertheless, we had previously heard that the Marlins would at least be willing to reinvest the money that they saved in cost-cutting moves such as the trade of Hanley Ramirez. However, according to them, given their financial state as of right now, reinvestment is not an option.

You can certainly question whether the Marlins really lost the millions that they purport they did, especially in light of documentation that was revealed from 2007 and 2008 in which the team claimed poverty and actually made a fair amount, but at least Loria gave good reasoning for why the franchise simply could not compete with the high payrolls of other teams. Loria cited the team's TV contract as the primary reason why the club cannot reach $100 million again, and indeed the Marlins' TV deal is not a good one. Furthermore, the team is locked into the contract until 2020, although Loria mentioned the possibility of renegotiating the deal earlier.

Regardless of the reasoning, you can forget the Marlins boasting that high a payroll anytime soon.