The Atlanta Falcons would like to bring William Moore back. It's obvious that despite his injuries, C4 is viewed as a playmaking safety who fits Mike Nolan's schemes to a tee.

After the Falcons decided not to franchise tag him, however, we have to at least consider the possibility that Willy Mo won't always be ready to play in the Georgia Dome. His comments yesterday indicate a strong desire to stay in Atlanta, but we know how those situations can unfold. We have to be prepared, either way.

With that in mind, I've prepared a short list of alternatives available to the Falcons. Please note that some of these guys have chiefly played free safety, but I believe they could switch to Moore's strong safety pretty easily. Buckle up!

Charles Mitchell

The only real in-house candidate. Mitchell was a late round pick in 2012 and only got a small number of snaps last season, while chipping in on special teams. He's all projection at this point.

A 5'11", 205 pound safety who projects as a solid run-stopper with the ability to learn in pass coverage, Mitchell could certainly be a starter someday. The tools are there. I just don't consider him a real option to take over for Moore in 2013, because he was a somewhat raw rookie just a year ago. His talent doesn't disqualify him, but unless the Falcons have seen something that we fans weren't able to given his limited playing time, Mitchell is likely to be a backup again in 2013.