Any good recap of this game has to begin with the amazing block Russell Westbrook had on Roy Hibbert last night. If you missed the game, sit back, relax, and be enlightened:


Yeah, this wasn't some terrible Nate Robinson on Yao Ming "block", where he taps the ball away as the center is going up. No, this was a man-sized block, with Westbrook elevating to an unprecedented level and slapping that ball away as Hibbert neared the rim. The best part about it is how Hibbert turned the wrong way to the basket, so he didn't even see Westbrook coming. From my angle in the arena, I thought that Westbrook was about to foul Hibbert. But he slipped quietly and silently into the right place, slapping the rock at the best possible moment.

When the play happened, an otherwise content crowd finally rose out of their chairs and started screaming. Nobody sat down until the end of the game, and you could tell that the Pacers had no chance of victory from that point forward.

But before the play, and, well, before the fourth quarter, this was really Kevin Martin's game. After sitting relatively quietly the past week or so, he really turned on the jets and did a great job of keeping the Thunder's lead while Durant and Westbrook were struggling. Truth be told, this game was set up for him to succeed, because while the Pacers have excellent half-court defense, their transition defense is extremely poor. Martin is excellent at running up to the line and jacking up that odd-looking shot, and the Pacers couldn't really get set in time. He also did a good job of working on the weak side for points, and drawing fouls when need be.