The Indiana Pacers are finally where coach Frank Vogel has been waiting to be for more than a week.

Their playoff spot — third seed — is locked in. Now Vogel has the opportunity to rest some of his tired and injured players in the final two games (Tuesday at Boston and Wednesday against Philadelphia at Bankers Life Fieldhouse) before the start of the playoffs this weekend.

But there’s a problem.

Not all of his players want to sit out.

Point guard George Hill will definitely be out. He needs to sit in order for his injured groin/hip to get better.

Power forward David West doesn’t want to sit because he “doesn’t do that.”

Center Roy Hibbert wants to play, too.

All-Star Paul George knows he needs rest but his play of late has him wanting to get on the court.

West, Hibbert and George may play some in the final two games, but they won’t play normal rotation minutes.

“I have to think about it,” Vogel said. “Obviously resting George (Hill) is the first priority. We also want to rest a lot of guys at different levels. I doubt they play in both games. We’ll make decisions.”

The Pacers haven’t been the same team since returning home from its 4-0 road trip against Western Conference teams two weeks ago.