After starting the same line-up for 53 games, the Trail Blazers have been forced to play short handed since the mythical beginning to the "second half" of the season, coming out of the All-Star break.

Freeland (knee), LA (groin), Leonard (ankle), and Robinson (patella tendon) have all missed games, stretching the Blazers lineup to where Victor Claver not only saw extended playing time, but having to play the 5 position.

Imagine, then, the collective gasp, the wind that left the sails, the holding of the breath (whatever cliche phrase you'd like to use), when Wesley Matthews went down midway through the first quarter after it appeared that he was tripped by Nets forward Paul Pierce.

Matthews went to the floor, writhing in pain, holding his right knee. He remained on the floor for a considerable amount of time and once he was helped up and limped off, Matthews went into the locker room.