Perhaps when there’s a little more distance between his days bleeding Patriots colors and settling in as a Bronco, we’ll hear more about how Wes Welker truly feels about what went down during the past year with his contract negotiation, and specifically the past few days leading up to free agency.

During his introductory press conference yesterday at Dove Valley, the team headquarters for the Broncos, Welker was still very much in character. It’s the one expected after signing on to play for Bill Belichick in Foxboro.

He didn’t let on about feeling bitter, or being made to feel unwanted, unloved, undervalued or unappreciated by Belichick. He didn’t cast his former coach or team in any kind of negative light.

As usual, Welker played the good soldier, although you know in his heart of hearts, leaving the Patriots wasn’t his first choice. In fact, watching Welker attempt to warm up to the prospects of a new team was incredibly odd. This is a man who, after all, represented the hard-working, underdog fabric of the first championship team, and whose toughness was symbolic of the region.

Now he’s playing in Denver?

Broncos coach John Fox was over the moon, doing knuckle-bumps with public relations people shortly after the press conference began. And John Elway, the executive vice president of football operations, wore the look of someone who had just gotten away with grand theft.