Word is, the trade market for Jose Reyes is said to be “small,” with the chances for a trade, as of Wednesday afternoon, said to be “slim.” The Rockies have until Saturday to find a deal, or he’ll be released, which seems to be the more likely alternative at this point.

Here’s an indication of how far Jose Reyes has fallen. “We won’t give up a lot” in a Reyes deal, one Rockies- connected person said. In other words, to save some money, some semi-interested teams have asked the Rockies to sweeten the pot – that is, to send them something with Reyes.

Reyes obviously has the domestic abuse suspension on his ledger. But one A.L. GM has another explanation for the low interest level: “He’s just not a very good player anymore.”

With it looking like Reyes is headed to free agency, the chances for a return to the Mets have gone from nil to very good in seemingly no time. Reyes is looking much better to the Mets for two key reasons: 1) as their offense has continued to sputter, their need has grown, practically to the point of desperation, and 2) the reports of a trade market for Reyes appear, at least on the surface, way overblown or even bogus to this point, suggesting the Rockies may have little alternative but to release him, and the Mets never seemed to want to give anything up for him or pay more than the pro-rated minimum.

Another key point is that while Reyes has baggage (and GM Sandy Alderson said this week that character counts), they know him. While their breakup wasn’t the best, there were also mostly good times in New York, it’s been five years since he left and Mets fans generally like Reyes.