Consider: Tom Brady is closer to retirement than being an overlooked, skinny sixth-round draft pick.

Consider: Darrelle Revis signed the most hyped free agent contract in Patriots history, and it doesn’t guarantee he’ll be in town any longer than a season.

Consider: One glance around the locker room is an easy reminder how quickly a slew of devastating injuries can turn a Super Bowl favorite into a team that came up short, yet likely overachieved in 2013. An entire season can be taken away with the snap of an ACL, or an Achilles, or the tear of a pectoral.

The Patriots have been a serious contender for the Lombardi Trophy nearly every year since 2001, but they have more than enough reasons to go all-out for football immortality in 2014. They have proven they’re in it to win it this offseason, and this week’s draft is the final significant portion of the Pats’ team-building puzzle.

It’s time to take their eight picks and acquire as much elite, game-ready talent as possible, especially at the top of the draft. In the past two years, 13 of the Patriots’ 14 draft picks made the team out of training camp, but that probably isn’t a realistic ratio with this class.

“If you look at our team, just where we are today, if we had to go out there and play a game, we feel we could field a competitive team,” Patriots director of player personnel Nick Caserio said last week. “You try to go through (the draft) and in the end, you try to find the players that you feel fit best for your team regardless of their position.”

While there must be some balance in the draft strategy, as Caserio suggested, the Patriots have clear, immediate needs at tight end and defensive tackle, and they must improve their depth at defensive end. They might also seek competition for a starting safety or take advantage of the incredibly talented pool of wide receivers.

The Pats are armed with picks in all seven rounds, including two in the fourth (one compensatory selection, which can’t be traded) and sixth. But the real impact must come in the first (No. 29 overall), second (No. 62) and third rounds (No. 93).