By the end of the playoffs, you could tell Shea Weber was tired. The dogged questions surrounding his head-slamming maneuver on Henrik Zetterberg in Game 1 of the first round of the postseason were just the beginning. By the end, losing to the Phoenix Coyotes, and the uncertainty around his contract situation on top of Ryan Suter's deal made Weber quick in interview sessions.

Since the last time we spoke to Weber on May 9, he went back to his offseason home in Kelowna, and stayed there. He didn't want to leave for fear of having to talk about the high expectations at the start of Nashville's postseason, only to see them come crashing down in five games to Phoenix.

"I've been almost a hermit, just kind of staying inside, played a little bit of golf. Obviously I'm training again and have been training for a couple of weeks now," Weber said. "It was tough this year, especially with all the recognition we had. A lot of people in Canada knew how close we were and how much of a chance we had this year. It was tough to go home and hear form a lot of people. So I kind of stayed to myself for a bit."