The Canadiens are 75 games into the regular season and they are back to square one.

"We have to look at the obvious," Michael Cammalleri said after the Boston Bruins blanked the Canadiens 7-0 Thursday night. "If we play like we did tonight, we're not going to have much success. We've been inconsistent of late. It's look-in-the-mirror time. We have to figure this out and figure it out in a hurry."

But Cammalleri said the one-sided game might be a blessing in disguise.

"The thing about a lopsided game like this is that it's less about the opponent and more about us and what we have to do to prepare for the playoffs," Cammalleri said. "You can almost throw this game out as far as getting ready for the playoffs.

"If you lose the game 2-1 and it's a hard-fought battle, you kind of hide some of the stuff (that's going wrong) and if you lose the game like we did tonight, it's about our group and what we have to do," he added.