John Wall dribbles at the top of the key with under 20 seconds left and the game between the Wizards and Rockets tied at 103. Everyone in the building knows what was coming, because everyone in the league does the same thing in these situations. Wall is going to dribble it down to five seconds to prevent the Rockets from getting a chance to win in regulation, make one move and launch a wild shot that probably would miss, giving us overtime.

Fifteen seconds. Fourteen seconds. Thirteen seconds. Wall's still dribbling. And then, at 12 seconds, Wall does something funny. He passes it to Bradley Beal on the wing and runs to the weakside to clear out.

Beal's time to shine? Nope. Instead, Beal dumps the ball to Emeka Okafor in the post, guarded by the much smaller Carlos Delfino. As the Wizards' guards clear out, Okafor makes a strong move to the middle before the Rockets can double team and draws the foul.