No matter how much the Washington Wizards have improved with John Wall in the lineup, no matter how many playoff-caliber opponents they have put int heir win column, they still have a difficult time capitalizing on situations most teams would consider favorable.

The pattern played out again Friday. The Wizards were on the road, against a wounded Orlando Magic that hobbled into the Amway Arena undermanned and having lost eight straight. And once again, the Wizards found a way to turn up their nose on a winnable game, appearing so uninterested in first half that they spotted the Magic two points when forward Trevor Booker fought for a rebound and knocked the ball into the wrong basket.

“It happens sometimes,” Booker said afterward with a laugh and a shrug, “but that’s how the night went.”

After a 97-92 loss to the Orlando Magic, Coach Randy Wittman didn’t feel like offering much praise for John Wall, who scored a game-high 35 points, or even Martell Webster, who returned after missing the previous two games with an abdominal strain to score 19 points.

“I don’t think anybody had a good performance. We lost,” Wittman said. “These are the games, if we’re going to get to that next stage of being a good team, you’ve got to win. We just go through the motions against teams like this. It cost us. I mean, how many games this year has it been? That’s what good teams do and we’re not a good team yet. Because we’re not doing that.”