Warriors head coach Mark Jackson is wont to spew hyperbole, so when he claimed last month that Klay Thompson is "the best two-way shooting guard in the world," it was widely written off as rhetoric.

But with Thompson's ever-growing game having taken even more shape in April, Jackson's claim doesn't seem quite so preposterous.

Granted, this isn't the 1990s, when some of the all-time greats were in their prime at the position, but Thompson's improved defensive game and expanding offensive repertoire make a strong argument for him being the game's best all-around shooting guard.

"I know that, all of a sudden, this maybe could perhaps be the greatest shooting backcourt in history and, all of a sudden, Steph Curry is a superstar," Jackson said, pointing to a couple of his past seemingly outlandish claims that are being accepted a year later. "I think the next thing people will realize is just how good Klay Thompson is on both sides of the basketball. ... He's a big-time talent. It's scary when you think about how good he can be."

Having his coach call him among the best in the game certainly increases the attention. Of course, Thompson is unfazed.

"I love it," Thompson said. "It's high praise. It's great to hear that from your coach. It gives me a lot of confidence, it makes me want to work hard for him out there, and it's humbling. I've been working hard these past three years, and hopefully, I've still got a lot of room to grow.