David Lee broke it down simply. Lee told second-year forward Draymond Green he wasn't doing his job if Harrison Barnes Andre Iguodala Marreese Speights and even Lee himself weren't mad at him.

Green's response? Duh.

"That was already my plan anyway" Green said flashing his bright devious smile. "So I didn't need him to tell me."

Saturday he'll get under the skin of different players. The Warriors kick off the exhibition season against the Los Angeles Lakers in Ontario. Green figures to get significant minutes as coach Mark Jackson said he will limit Lee Stephen Curry Andrew Bogut Iguodala and Jermaine O'Neal to 24 minutes.

If Green has something to say about it the Warriors won't have a problem with complacency. Whatever success they have won't soften them. Because as soon as they get to practice they will have to deal with Green. He's loud. He's tough. He's versatile in his skill. Most important he relishes the role of providing the checks and balances on the court.
"I don't care who you are or what you do I'm going to go at you" he said after Friday's practice. "You may have had 30 yesterday. But you come into practice today and I'm getting after you."

Green said he that knows his role is to stir up things and to challenge the starters. Having reserves such as O'Neal Toney Douglas and Speights with him has only bolstered Green's audacity.

His playoff performance didn't hurt either.

Green takes pride in his role but he is probably most driven by a raging confidence. Green has no doubt he is a beast on the court. He has skill and heart to go with a certain knack for winning. In his mind all he needs is the opportunity.

That's why you saw him barely a sip into his career jawing at LeBron James last season. That's why he was able to make big plays in the postseason and trade barbs with Denver coach George Karl.