A couple of conclusions could be drawn from the Warriors' game at Memphis Friday night, neither of them particularly encouraging. Either the Warriors have a serious issue with composure or the All-Star break will be arriving just in time - for both teams.

With 55 seconds left, the Warriors down by six points and 13 seconds left on the shot clock, Stephen Curry heaved a desperation three-pointer in heavy traffic, and it missed badly. Curry had been excellent overall, and with his range, he's entitled to just about any shot he wants. But this one bordered on the ridiculous.

The Grizzlies, still reeling from the loss of Rudy Gay and relying far too much on Tayshaun Prince (3-for-12 shooting) on the offensive end, should have sealed the game with 26 seconds left when Tony Allen, benefiting from an offensive rebound of his own missed free throw, fired up an errant shot instead of running down the clock.

If anyone was watching within the fan bases of the Thunder, Clippers or Spurs, they had to be writing off these two teams as a serious playoff threat.