It's never too early to dream about the NHL Trading Deadline and reports of whispers linking Jarome Iginla's name to the Pittsburgh Penguins have started up already.

From Elliotte Friedman's 30 Thoughts:

13. I was asked on Calgary 960 Radio about the Flyers being interested in Jarome Iginla. The big question is, 'Would Iginla be interested in them?' If he goes anywhere, he's going to take a run at the Stanley Cup. Ninety-nine years out of 100, Philadelphia is in that race. This just might be a case of awful timing for both of them. You can see the opening in the Penguins lineup, though.

The Calgary Flames are currently 1-3-2 with just 4 points in the standings, a league low. But they've also only played a league low six games so far this season, so keep that in mind too.