Well, this gets awkward quickly. After registering zero points, two rebounds and two blocks in 14 minutes of play during the Denver Nuggets 107-92 win over the Los Angeles Clippers Thursday night, Nuggets center JaVale McGee appeared on TNT's Inside the NBA for an interview with the studio analysts, including frequent critic Shaquille O'Neal.

The segment starts with McGee calling Shaq a bully and then gets even more uncomfortable from there. Host Ernie Johnson asks McGee about Shaq's segment on Inside the NBA, "Shaqtin' a fool", which highlights boneheaded plays from the NBA. It's a segment McGee frequents. But Thursday night, McGee was in no mood to play the fool and used a racial slur to describe Shaq's segment.

The Inside the NBA crew laughs off McGee's comments initially, only to have the set fall silent. Johnson quickly acknowledges how awkward things have become, saying, "This interview has taken an unexpected turn."