Adam Wainwright was preparing to hit a drive Monday afternoon when he paused to scan a text message from his brother, Trey.

The text was rather matter of fact: The San Francisco Giants had just signed righthanded starting pitcher Matt Cain, owner of a 69-73 career record, to a six-year, $127 million extension. The deal represents the most lucrative ever awarded a righthanded start pitcher.

"It was going to be a good day of golf," Wainwright recalled.

Still two years shy of his first bite at free agency Wainwright stands as one of the most obvious beneficiaries of a staggering deal that could influence his value much the way Ryan Howard's five-year, $125 million extension created a floor for Albert Pujols' abortive negotiations with the club.

"Obviously, you have to pay attention to it," Wainwright said. "It's a tremendous deal for him. When those things happen, they typically don't occur in a vacuum."

General manager John Mozeliak acknowledged that the deal exerts its own gravity and suggested the club would attempt to address Wainwright's status well before he reaches free agency.

"From our standpoint, I'd think we would do what it takes to prevent it from becoming an awkward situation," Mozeliak said.